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CatBuyer.co.uk are Catalytic Converter Buyers. We will offer top prices for your catylitic converters as we are not the middle man but are the refiners, which means that nobody else is getting a cut from the money that you should be earning when you sell catalytic converters. There are various catalytic converter buyers around, but you will find that by dealing with us you will earn top rates for the scrap catalytic converters, and added to that we will collect them from you.

Did you know the average Scrap Catalytic Converter is resold at least 3 times before it turns back into pure Platinum, Palladium & Rhodium? Selling direct to the refiner you cut out the middle man. If you are looking to get the best price from a scrap catalytic converter buyer, give us a call and we will come to you.

Catalytic converter buyers & scrap cat buyers

We will buy petrol catalytic converters and deisel catalytic converters so call us to get the best prices for your petrol scrap cats and your deisel scrap cats.


Catalytic Converter Buyers

Among the scrap cats that we buy are:

  • Cheswick
  • Arvin
  • Zeuna Starker
  • Eberspacher
  • Sevel
  • F.AP.AC.AT
  • AC

New Collection Service

We now collect scrap catalytic converters!

CatBuyer.co.uk now come to your premises. We have dedicated vans that travel to grade, collect and pay CASH for your catalytic converters.


There are no minumum numbers that we collect but we are a trade only company dealing business to business only.


Make that call to earn top rates from the premier

Catalytic Converter Buyers




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